the video for the new single “Love Again” demonstrates the great pop star she has become

On the afternoon of Friday 4 June, the official video of “Love Again”, new single from Dua Lipa excerpt from the album “Future Nolstalgia” after the hits “Don’t Start Now”, “Physical”, “Break My Heart” and “Levitating”.

The clip demonstrates the great professional which has become in these years of sparkling career. The reason she explained herself in a post on Instagram that you find translated below:

“Thanks to my gang for always getting by! We shot this video during rehearsals and the preparation of Brit. I learned the choreography in 45 minutes, I kept adding clothes halfway through the shoot, but in the end we made it! “

You can see the result of this hard work by clicking play below!

After becoming one of the biggest pop stars around in just a few years, Dua Lipa could soon conquer the world of cinema as well.

This was revealed by a small hint in an interview with Los Angeles Times. Between one question and another, the journalist Mikael Wood wrote that Dua Lipa: “He says that he’s reading scripts for a move in acting“, which he describes as”Anything but inevitable“.

We’ll see!

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