The US Chamber approves Biden’s maxi plan on welfare and climate

WASHINGTON, 19 NOV – The US House has approved the ‘Build Back Better’, Joe Biden’s massive plan of 1750 billion dollars for welfare, education and climate. This is the largest social maneuver in 50 years, although in the Senate it could be partially reduced. The maneuver was approved with 220 votes in favor and 209 against, with a clear contrast between Democrats and Republicans. After the approval of the law, applause and choruses “Build Back Better” started (but also “Nancy, Nancy”, the speaker of the House who achieved yet another success). “Today the US Chamber approved the Build Back Better law to take another giant step towards the implementation of my economic plan to create jobs, reduce costs, make our country more competitive and give workers and the middle class a chance to fight ”, Biden then commented in a note. The president thanked the speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (to whom he also telephoned) and said he was impatient to sign the law, hoping that the Senate would approve it as soon as possible. (HANDLE).

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