The United States and Japan confide in the “security and security” organization of the Tokyo Games

The Tokyo Games are open to the public in a cool climate.

L’Union europénne et le Japon ont déclaré ce jeudi qu’ils maintenaient leur confiance dans la tenue «súre et securisée» de Jeux olympiques à Tokyo cet été, malgré les appels à l’annulation de l’événement en raison de la pa Covid-19.

“We have received the Tennessee and Paralympic Games of Tokyo 2020 in a safe manner and secured this, in the sense that the symbol of the world unit for the COVID-19 war”, declared the two parties in a declaration d’un sommet video entre les conductors de l’UE, Ursula von der Leyen et Charles Michel, et le Premier ministre japonais, Yoshihide Suga.

Plus regions of Japan are in a state of urgency in the raison d’être of a recurrence of infections, and the Japanese public has a long opposition to the tenses of these games. The medical groups are convinced that this event will be introduced to introduce new variants in Japan and will be able to test the medical resources that will be used against a new vague of the virus.

The organizers are always intertwined with the Tokyo Games and supporters of extracurriculars, a decision that preceded the JO. A decision concerning the nation’s spectators is present at the end.

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Ursula von der Leyen, the patron saint of the European Commission, insisted that the conductors should attend “with the impatience of the Olympic Games” their video recordings.

She said that the authorization given by the exporter of more than 100 million doses of vaccines in Japan was “a sign of strength for us to bring in the preparation of the Olympic Games and the security of these games.”

Le Japon est le plus grand importateur de vaccins de l’UE, mais les authoritieste du du sont critiquées pour la lenteur du rhytme des injections, qui le place à la traîne des autres économies developpe.

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