The Trump administration found secret information about the New York Times

The Trump government has the intention to know the sources of journalism.

The Minister of Justice of the United States has secretly reported the telephone numbers of four New York Times journalists in 2017, reporting the American quotation.

The constitution of the dossier with these data in my life is four months since the opening of the powers of the power of Russia in the American presidency of 2016, which in Donald Trump’s report is.

They are governed by the title of the variety of journalistic sources. The news was also posted by journalists from the Washington Post and CNN, and this issue was published.

Dean Baquet, editor and chief of The New York Times, condoms the actions of the Trump administration. “Saisir des telephonic data of journalists mentioned the profoundness of the press freedom”, at-il fait part dans une déclaration. “Cela menace de faire taire les sources dont nous sommes dependants pour rapporter les informational informers sur ce que le gouvernement fait”.

The organisms of the press and defenders of constitutional rights in the United States are critical to the length of the American government’s tenure to support the telephone calls of journalists to retrieve the trace of their sources. En agissant de la sorte, les governements restreignent injustement la liberté de la presse.

The current American president, Joe Biden, assures the past that he has authorized the Minister of Justice to accept the sort.

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