the tracklist of the new album “Everything happens”

Missing less and less at the release of the new album Alessandra Amoroso titled “Everything happens”, available from Friday October 22.

The project comes three years after the previous “10” and has a very important meaning for the artist! She defined it herself “a truth album”, in which she got completely naked for the first time, telling about herself, of important changes, of difficult choices and of great goals.

“Everything happens” is formed by 14 tracks, including those already published “Feather”, “Big Smile” And “Every time”. 14 songs written by names of the caliber of: Paolo Antonacci, Davide Petrella, Federico Zampaglione, Federica Abbate, Giordana Angi, Rocco Hunt, Roberto Casalino, Cheope, Virginio Simonelli, and then Federica Camba, Daniele Coro, Antonio Iammarino, Daniele Magro, Fabio Gargiulo and Davide Simonetta. While for the production Alessandra entrusted Dario Faini, Francesco “Katoo” Catitti and Takagi & Ketra.

Below you can take a look at the tracklist of the disc:

1. Big Smile
2. AleAleAle
3. Useless song
4. Feather
5. The need I have for you
6. A sense and a reward
7. What does it taste like
8. I see you from the outside
9. An impression
10. All the time
11. A road to happiness
12. Our time
13. All the things I know
14. Everything happens

ph: press office, credit Flavio & Frank

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