the three suspects detent

The telephony is celebrated on May 24 during the summit of Mont Mottarone

Three men arrested in the lien with a telephone accident that took place 14 years in Italy on this liberty in the night of samedi à dimanche, la juge faisant état d’une «absence of total elements» against two of them, selon of judicial sources.

The telephony is located on May 24 near the summit of Mont Mottarone, culminating at 1,500 meters. Seoul is a garçonnet israélien de cinq ans avait survécu.

The director of service, Gabriele Tadini, was assigned to the residence, as well as the technical director Enrico Perocchio and the conductor of the company for the exploitation of telephony, Luigi Nerini, on this issue.

All three font touches the object of a survey. In Italy, the young people do not pay attention to the preventive maintenance that in particular circular substances, lorsque of suspects risky by the example of prefre la fuite.

The three men on these arrests were killed after M. Tadini had the right to have disinfectants and a system of emergency braking that could help the tragedy.

The affirmative has the right part of the system that works well and interrupts the service plus the services, affirming to have this decision in accord with the two other suspects.

However, the magistrate Donatella Banci Bonamici found a “absence of total elements” against MM. Nerini et Perocchio, be a decision on the Corriere della Sera dimanche.

Selon la magistrate en revanche, M. Tadini a essayé de faire porter la faute en partie sur ses deux superieurs, après avoir agi «au mépris total de la vie humaine, avec une nigligence ahurissante.»

The prosecutor’s office of Olympia Bossi indicates that the student will study the decision of the south, susceptible to appeals, and that the whole country will not be affected.

“Les suspects restent les mêmes, notre travail continue”, at-elle dit à des journalistes.

A cable rupture

The telephony is extracted after the rupture of a cable.

If the emergency braking system is functioning, the cabin will be suspended from a second cable. The surveyors set up the areas of the main cable rupture.

The unique survivor of the accident is an infant Israeli of five years, dont live in Italy. He lost his parents, his brother and his two grand parents in the accident.

Le petit garçon, Eitan, a été transporté dans un hoppital de Turin (nord-ouest) oùil a été intubé et soigné pour de multiples blessures.

L’enfant a repris conscience jeudi et dimanche l’hôpital a indiqué que son état s’était «amélioré d’une manière significative». He was able to recommit the food and help the hospital.

Le petit garçon est «toujours en soins intensifs par précaution», avec sa tante et sa grand-mère à son chevet, selon la même source.

Parmi les quatorze victimes, figurent un autre enfant de cinq ans et ses parents, une femme qui celebrity son quarantième anniversaire avec son mari, et deux couples d’une vingtaine d’années.

The cable car is located in Mont Mottarone, a tourist area that offers a spectacular view of Lake Majeur and the Alps.

The region of Piedmont, in the north of Italy, a decree of the day of death and avoit appeals to the inhabitants to observe a minute of silence for the victories in the midi.

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