the theories selon lesquelles le Covid-19 proviendrait d’un labo ne seront plus bannies

Facebook has a machine that concerns the theory affirming that Covid-19 has created this man.
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Facebook will also be able to post the publication of theories affirming that Covid-19 was created by man, at the moment of the hypothesis of a laboratory accident in China revolving in the American debate.

«In the light of current investigations on the origins of Covid-19 and in consultation with the experts of the sanity, we do not retire plus the information about our platforms on the fact that Covid-19 is created by the man or to this factory », to indicate the group of property on Instagram, which is located on your internet site.

The social network, used by some 3.45 billion people on the pages of one of the four platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp) and to revise the previous rules on the disinformation of the times of Covid-19, the members updated in February last.

They prefer to intervene in the theories suggesting a major human disease, all of which claim vaccine ineffectiveness or the fact that anti-Covid serums can be toxic or dangerous.

A return to the force of theory

“We continue to work with experts for the evolution of the nature of the pandemic and we are constantly regulating our policies to measure what needs to happen and the tendency to become apparent,” Facebook said.

Car dans le même temps, la teorie d’un accident de labotoire à Wuhan, en Chine, est revenue en force ces dernières semaines dans le debé americain, après avoir été longtemps balayée d’un revers de main par la plupart des experts.

And appeals in favor of investments plus appropriations are multiplied in their scientific community.

The American president Joe Biden appealed that he would consider the services of “redouble d’efforts” to explain the origin of Covid-19 and show a report of 90 days.

Avis faussé de l’OMS?

The conductor of the rappelle that the works of American education, which concentrate on the two hypotheses, the original animal or the work of a laboratory, did not permissive to the day of the opening of a “definite conclusion”.

After a quarter of a week in Wuhan at the beginning of the year, a study of experts from the OMS and Chinese people began to have an “impromptu” accident in a laboratory accident.

Les Etats-Unis et treize pays alliés avaient par la suite exprimé leurs «préoccupations» dans une déclaration commune au sujet du rapport, reclamantà à la Chine de donner «pleinement accès» à ses données.

The premieres of Covid-19 on this are identified in 2019 in Wuhan, before the virus will not be repaired on the surface of the globe and not imported after 3.5 million people.

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