the stairway to (urban) heaven by John Shanahan and Wes Kremer [video di skateboard]

What is the relationship between an apple tree and a skateboard deck? Not just wood: ever since a fallen apple made Newton discover the force of gravity, man has always tried to challenge it. And he succeeded, eh: we have planes, spaceships.

But the most compelling arm wrestling against gravitational forces is done by skaters, breaking the laws that govern the Earth. One flip at a time.

Let’s get to know the most wanted gravitational outlaws on the planet.

1 The DC skater John Shanahan: 26 years old, thousands of railings, accept every challenge at 360 °. If there are no skateparks nearby, he creates them: we have seen him jump on walls, on rocks. Think of a surface: its deck has been there.

2 Wes Kremer, DC rider, thirty-two with two very blue eyes always full of adrenaline. “Skater of the Year” in 2014, goofy expert every year: there is no jump too high!

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