The republics block a commission from the Capitol

Assaut du Capitol on January 6 by Donald Trump’s guerrillas
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The republics have blocked the creation of a commission of an independent commission on the election of the mayor of the Capitol on January 6 by the partisans of Donald Trump, in affirmation that the police investigations and parliamentarians are in the course of action.

The aurait fallu dix voix republican ayoutées aux 50 democrates pour limiter le temps des debats au Senaat et parvenir à un vote final à la majorité simple sur cette commission, déjà approuvée par la Chambre des representants.

Seuls six republicans have voted, a result of the fact that the divisions of the divisions tyralately encore the states-unis near the five months after the attack of the seat of the American Congress, and the great influence that exercises on the ex-press. son camp.

Which of the republics ont ils «peur? The truth? ”Exclaimed Chuck Schumer, the head of the Democratic majority, just before the vote, promising to vote.

“We have already discussed this commission. President Trump has promoted these last moons + grand mensonge + that the elections are tricky, that this is the right of the president »victorious lors du scrutin de novembre 2020, at-il dénoncé.

This is because of the motto “Arrêtez le vol” electoral that the millionaires of the guerrillas are assembling in Washington on January 6 to vote for Donald Trump. Plus centurions are still strong in the entrance of the Capitol, and the parliamentarians are certified to win over their rival Democrat Joe Biden.

Republican senators Bill Cassidy, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Rob Portman, Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse voted “yes” to vote for the procedure on the commission.

The other, formerly chief chef of the Senate, Mitch McConnell, is in opposition, voyant dans sa creation a “political exercise” who did not receive any evidence of police inquiries in court, with the arrest of 450 people. .

Plus senators are absent to vote (54-35).

On May 19, 35 of the 211 republics of the Chamber of Representatives held a vote in favor of creation.

The defenders of this commission, supported by Joe Biden, argue that the aurait will buy the same choirs from the democrats and the other choirs from the republics, on the exact model of the most created after the 11th of September, which will benefit from fort soutien in the two camps.

Accusation of the “incitement to insurrection” by the Chamber of Representatives, President Donald Trump’s avant-garde has taken a turn in the fabric of a Senate process, faux de voix sufficting chez les republicans.

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