the process of 13 people for cyberharcélement renvoyé au 21 juin

The trial of three people, games in Paris to be cyberharceled, to see the death of a teenager, the teenager Mila after the publication in November of a polemical video on Islam going viral, and this judged Jews on June 21, after examination of procedural questions.

Pendant quatre heures, le tribunal correctionnel a examiné lors d’une audience très technika, mais aux vertus pedagogiques sur le «rituel judiciaire» au temps des réseaux sociaux, les différents points de procedura soulevés par la défense.

Certificates of prevention are not only in demand for the annulment of the guards to see their clients, and in their fine convocation before the tribunal, the irregular rules.

Me Juan Branco, who defended himself against the preeminent, Jordan L, on the issue of constitutional priority issues (QPC) porting on the line of food in the league, created by a lone in 2018, and who will be with 13 young men and females of being corrected.

The tribunal will announce on June 21 at 9:00 on the transmission or not at the Court of Cassation of the QPC. S’il ne faisait pas droit à la demande de la défense, le procès se poursuivrait, avec l’examen du fond de l’affaire sur deux jours, les 21 et 22 juin, a indiqué le president Michaël Humbert.

“It’s not anonymous.” At the moment you can commit a crime on the Internet, he can be searched, he can be retrieved and he can be a juvenile before the tribunal “, in the chain of the Mila audience, which is a clear race to the horizon. and vetue d’un haut rouge.

“It’s for the sake of who he is.” The time of realization, of the direction: the change of camp. More people on their own, more on theirs, more on their faces, and people who want to do what they want to do on their own, if they continue to know each other », at the end of the press .

The young woman, who was born at the age of 18 and defended her right to the blasphemy, witnessed the protection of the police from the publication of a premiere video criticizing the Coran and Islam in January 2020.

Mi-novembre, elle avait été victime d’un «raid» numérique après avoir publié sur le reseau social TikTok une nouvelle video dans laquelle elle s’en prenait vertement à ses détracteurs: «Et dernière chose, surveillez votre pote the plate. Parce que mes doigts dans son trou du cul, j’les ai toujours pas sortis ».

Selon is avocat Richard Malka, Mila «a reçu plus de 100.000 messages haineux et de menaces de mort lui promettant de se faire ligoter, découper, écarteler, lapider, décapiter avec des images de cercueil, des photo-montages de decapitation, de sa tête sanguinolente ».

Ages from 18 to 30 years old and originals from all of France, the preventions, for the plurality of judicial anticipations, comparable to the line in the line. Certain are equal to deaths and deaths due to crime.

Places on guard in February, March or April, in the frame of a single survey by the new half of the country against the hain in the line, the pretense of advancing in a great party to recognize the authors of the message for their message poursuivis.

The encouragement of two years of employment and 30,000 euros for food in line, three years of business and 45,000 euros for payment of mortgage payments.

Two people were given this condominium in the prison grounds to have Mila’s death.

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