The price of PCR tests in Europe: the price of tariffs

The price of the tests varies greatly on the European continent.

PCR tests, essential for voyage in the number of countries, do not pay for the price. Small tour of Europe.

If you want to find out about this, for you to learn in France or Spain by example, a negative PCR test can be seen before entering your territory.

In Belgium, the realization of cellui-ci peut vous être invourée 47 euros, not remboursés par l’assurance maladie obligatory. Certains laboratories invoice plus, parfois to have the result plus rapidly.

In France, the tests are free, but for strangers, this is a relief that can be used by the Belgians to pass the front for the effect of PCR test before the attackers.

The question of gratuitous sera on the table du prochain Committee of Concertation, ce vendredi 4 juin 2021.

Outre la France, Malte et la Norvège proposent également des tests gratuits, tout comme le Danemark, qui, lui, ne fait payer que les tests «express».

Ailleurs, the prizes peuvent varyr fortement. Au Royaume-Uni, the laboratories can invoice more than 250 euros, but the voyages on the prices, as TUI qui propose des packs incluant des tests pour 20 livres per personne (environ 23 euros).

We want some prices for the best in Europe.

Precisely that in the middle of the country the tests are free and you will be able to present the notes of Covid-19 and payers uniquely in the recreational frame, for the typical voyages.

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