the policeman took a little to a minimum, the accusation required 30 years

Which one is Derek Chauvin?

Policeman Derek Chauvin, reconnaissance bathing of the African-American George Floyd, and the prosecutors charged the dossier on the demand for justice against the antipodes.

A remission of freedom or imprisonment?

In the documents transmitted at the hearing of the audience on June 25, in the course of the sentence, it is fixed, the agent of 45 years suggests a prison sentence reduced to the duration of the purge, plaiding to have “a good time ».

“Alternatively, M. Chauvin has the respect that the tribunal has taken into account attenuating circumstances,” and said that there was a small barrier in the vignette of Minnesota (around two years of detention), written by Eric Nelson.

Ex-policer, the risk of “having a criminal in prison”, not only the lawyer, who invoked the absence of the client’s case and his “respect for the judicial procedure of malpractice”.

Quant au crime lui-même, il assure que Derek Chauvin «n’avait pas conscience d’en commettre un: dans son esprit, il remplissait sa mission i aidait d’autres policiers à arrêter George Floyd» sur le cou duquel il est resté agency pendant prs de dix minutes, le 25 mai 2020, indifférent à ses râles et à son inertie.

“The crime of M. Chauvin is, moreover, an erreur commise de bonne foi sur la base de son experiencing de policier et de sa formation qu’un ilte illegal intennelnel”, argumente encore Me Nelson.

On the other hand, the accusation of transmission is against arguments, requiring 30 years of imprisonment for the qualification of contrasting the “odious odds” and the conduct of “cruel cruelty”.

In addition to the requisite, the procurator’s procurators who left Peter Cahill to keep the last four quarters of aggravating counterparts against the policeman, open the voyage to the impression of a lone peine in this retentive file.

The death of George Floyd, filmed and diffused on the Internet, the susceptibility of monster manifestations in the world against racism and police violence.

After several weeks of a very difficult process, the policeman reconstructed this bath on the 20th of April and immediately included.

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