The Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine extends the element against the variants

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After a new study, the vaccine was produced by the American pharmacist Pfizer and the laboratory of BioNTech, as well as the element against the Delta coronavirus variant, for the first time in India.

The serum offers an additional protection against other variants, which will be used for the first time in Nigeria, reporting on scientific conducting by Pei Yong Shi, of the University of Texas, Galveston, in the nature review.

For the study, the research team examined 20 samples of 15 people who had a dose of two doses of Pfizer / BioNTech serum and tested the reaction to multiple coronavirus variants. The efficiency of anticorps is a fake face with variants that face a type of coronavirus isolated in January 2020, but it is all of the “robust”, on the basis of scientific knowledge.

Studies and other data are based on similar results.

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