The Paralympic Games will not escape indoors

In the wake of the Closed Olympic Games on August 8, the Tokyo Paralympic Games will take place in a quasi-total house, the organizing committee announced on Monday, August 16, the opening day of the opening ceremony, a reasonably awaited decision of the case record of Covid-19 reviewed in Japan.

Facing this situation, “Strictest measures will be taken for competitions to take place” in the departments currently placed under state of emergency in the face of the pandemic, “Including the absence of spectators”, declared the organizing committee in a joint statement with the International Paralympic Committee (CIP), the Japanese government and the city of Tokyo.

Covid-19, rehearsal scandals Tokyo The Tokyo JO, which will open this Friday, are they dead?

This measure for the Paralympic Games, which must take place from 24 August to 5 September, is similar to the one adopted for the JO closed on 8 August, for which almost 98% of the trials are held in private, only by departments capitalists are able to receive the public.

Local school students can, however, assist with certain tests, at the request of local or school authorities, and this with the aim of evolving to “A more inclusive company”, clarifies the communiqué.

37% of Japanese completely vaccinated

Japan has known since the end of June its fifth and most vague coronavirus to date, with records of infections regularly registered in Tokyo and at the national level, under the effect especially the Delta variant, more contagious.

The vaccination campaign, which started very late in the country, has accelerated these past weeks, but 37% of the Japanese population alone is totally vaccinated to date, the lowest rate among the G7 industrialized countries.

Vaccine vaccination is another virus that threatens collective immunity

Facing the aggravation of the sanitary situation before the JO, the Japanese government had in mid-July handed over a state of emergency device to a part of the country whose capital, for the fourth time since the onset of the pandemic .

But the device, which should have been extended on Tuesday until mid-September and extended geographically, according to local media, appears less and less effective: the current case of Covid-19 does not need to be increased and exceeded for the first time the bar of 20,000 at the national level on Friday 13 and Saturday 14 August.

They also recorded a record number on Friday in Tokyo, where they quadrupled in three weeks. The Games Organizing Committee ensures, however, that this wave of infections, which began several weeks before the JO, was not linked to the event.

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Some 4,400 athletes will attend Tokyo for the Paralympic Games, as well as those participating in the JO, in draconian measures, with daily tests at Covid-19 and movement restrictions.

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