The pandemic does not end up with 70% of the vaccinated population, prevented by OMS

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The Covid-19 pandemic does not meet the deadline of 70% of the world’s population vaccination, as indicated by the Director of Europe of the World Health Organization (OMS), which is responsible for more strong contagiousness observed for new variants of the virus, not the Indian variant.

“The pandemic will end up with us at least 70% of the vaccine cover,” said Hans Kluge, in an effort with the AFP in Copenhagen, a dispatcher of “vaccination (…) too late”, and buy in Europe, the contagiousness of new variants is the source of inquiry.

“We know by example that (variant) B.1617 (identification of the Board in India) is more contagious than B.117 (identification of the Board of the United Kingdom), which is the most contingent of the previous case” , at-il dit, soulignant que les vaccins fonctionnaient toutefois actuellement contre les mutations du coronavirus.

For the regional director, in the post of February 2020, the import will accelerate the cadence to end in a pandemic that lasts “plus long time first”.

“In a pandemic, the speed is essential,” he said, “and that’s what happened when the epidemic broke out.”

“I think the OMS has declared a pandemic, the number of which is due to the fact that we have lost a lot of time”, according to the Belgian medicine.

Aujourd’hui encore, «le temps joue contre nous (…) Nous devons accelelerer (la campagne d’immunization), nous devons augmenter le nombre de vaccins», at-il dit.

In the 53 territories that the region of Europe considers the criteria of the OMS, 26% of the population say a first dose of vaccine.

In the European Union, 36.6% of the population said that less than one vaccine dose was provided by AFP, and 16.9% were vaccinated.

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