The official anthem of the Bleus, the edge of the controversy of the extremes of the French right … and easy for the president of the FFF in person

Taclée par le Rassemblement National (RN), la chanson du rappeur engagé Youssoupha «Écris mon nom en Bleu» s’est également heurtée ces dernières heures à l’avis de Noël Le Graët, le president of the Fédération française de football (FFF) in person. Which one relates to the controversy? Description.

If the music is different, the air, the air, it is known: to make the sauce before a grand rendez-vous sport, it is often necessary for a federation or an event to play a hymn or anthem of official chants.

Depuis que l’UEFA a dévoilé son hymne pour le prochain Euro de football, plusieurs fédérations nationalales ont à leur tour devoilé un, voire parfois plusieurs titres dans le but de faire monter la pression.

Two halls, two ambiances

Duôte des Diables rouges, l’Union belge a donc opté pour une musique épique resuscitant Raymond Goethals et Guy Thys aux côtés de Roberto Martinez, avant de présenter un hymne officiel ce jeudi faisant la part belle aux sonorités électroniques.

From your side, the French Football Federation has a large number of fans in the announcement of the selection by Didier Deschamps and a clip of the efficiency of the 26th Blue, which represents France at the grand event.

Other halls, other ambiences: this time it was written by the rapper Youssoupha who had this job to chant the glory of the French team: «Write my name in Blue, create my name in Blue».

The right of the extreme right

Dans la foulée de cette publication, le Rassemblement National (RN) avait, par l’entremise de son numero 2 Jordan Bardella, critiqué le choix d’artiste, à qui l’extrême droite française reproche des textes hostiles aux grandes figures de son parti .

In 2011, the French-speaking Congolese rapper visited the screen in the assortment of the “Menace de Mort” dessert, the rapper’s engagement in the denunciation, between the others, the proposal of Eric Zemmour, the qualification of the qualified rap de «culture of alphabets».

Selon Bardella, choisir Youssoupha, representative of rap engagement, this donc «cedar to a racial part of France». Rien que ça…

The song, the music with different parfaits, the air, the air, is known – and the sound of the extreme right of repatriation of plus belle: all the number of polemical fringes to give the illusion of a divisive society, dehirée, qui no tour plus round.


Or, in a French or sanitary cord, it is completely consumed, this system of systematic opposition to the integral part and the quadrilateral of the hexagonal mediation. To which the Minister delegated to Sports, Roxana Maracineanu, reacted to the challenge of the game: «Youssoupha is a militant chanter who denies racism and who is for diversity. Cela tombe bien car le sport partage ces valeurs-la, et plus specifiquement la Fédération Française de Football. (…) Monsieur Bardella recovered from the choices of the FFF to include a focus on separatist ideas, hain and violence in our society. »

Monsieur Bardella recovered from the choices of the FFF in order to address a number of issues of separatism, violence and violence in our society.

The FFF is in me

Finish the controversy? Oui, sauf que non: de façon un peu inattendue, les propos de Bardella semblent ainsi avoir fait mouche du côté du … president de la FFF en personne!

In an interview interviewed in Paris, Noël Le Graët indicates that the mercredi regretter this clip. «These are our commercial services that have this idea. » The president of the FFF is the one who «Youssoupha is a good rapper who, like others, can have the words to pay. I know that we are not in the mood to make and read the list of things like habit, without communication. »

Noël Le Graët in the company of French President Emmanuel Macron, on May 19, during the final of the French Cup at the Stade de France.

Refusant toutefois d’entrer davantage dans la polemique, Noël le Graët a tenu à «rassurer», rappelant que ce titre n’etait pas l’hymne officiel des Bleus pour l’Euro. It remains to be seen, as Vegedream in 2018 and its “Shoulder to the house”, the official anthem will not be made by the person who chooses the FFF reserve for his fans. And don Bardella and your little cops.

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