the new single “Sole” is about feeling lost in everyday situations

After “The lights”, Mavie released a new song titled “Sun”. It is a song with a dual nature, conceptual but at the same time very concrete, which we are sure will come straight to your heart.

Speaking of the song, Mavie explains:

“” Sun ‘is about feeling lost in everyday situations. It is so easy to get lost that we don’t even realize that the road is always right in front of us. Dying to be reborn, getting lost to find yourself. Touch the lowest bottom to always go up, even when you feel stuck getting out of bed. “

Mavie is the nickname of Maria Vittoria Trifogli, young artist born in Ancona In the 1997. He approaches music through hip hop around the age of 13, pursuing two parallel paths between writing and beatbox.

In 2020, after the release of the first self-produced singles, he publishes “Chameleon”, his first EP. Subsequently for Real Talk he records with Rossella Essence “Basquiat”, released on May 21st. She was immediately noticed by Thaurus, so on 10 June 2021 she released the single “The lights”.

ph: press office, credit Luca Bais

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