the new single “Come in songs” is coming

Mark in red on the calendar Friday November 5th, because on this date Coez will release new music! This is the unpublished “Like in the songs”, which the artist announced with these words:

“(…) my first real single, it’s clearly a surface-to-air missile and you’re not ready.”

Let the countdown begin!

“Come in the songs” comes after the release of the new songs “Flow Easy” and “Wu-Tang”, published on 6 October and 23 September respectively.

The first is a decidedly romantic song, which tells a story made of memories of the past, of regrets for not having fully enjoyed enough moments together, of uncertainty but at the same time of hope to meet again in the future.

With a decidedly different mood “Wu-Tang”, whose title refers to American cult supergroup and New York collective that in the 90’s forever changed the hip-hop world.

You can listen to both songs below!

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