the new album will be titled “Volare” and will be released in December

“Volare is already your favorite record” cit.

Coez has revealed the title and release date of his new record in the studio! “To fly” will be available from next December 3 and was announced in full Coez style: with a freestyle!

“Flying is understood as detaching yourself from the ground but not only, you want to win a war but not only -rappa Coez in the video you can see below – To fly is to look up and not down from a terrace, it is to expect more, what the fuck. It’s not going home after a concert, it doesn’t matter if I’ve suffered, just look at how I enjoy it. Flying is an open sky, those who ask me for money make them happy, and of course. We slept on a bed that was a sofa, the same I flew into it, and slipped my hand slowly into your jeans, baby, he’ll ask you who I am just because you haven’t seen me for a while. To fly is to take a shot and look at the immense, feeling only a dot in the universe, understanding that there is a price to pay but flying is the fear of falling and the pleasure of jumping. It’s every brother who flew to heaven early, if it doesn’t take off better tell us soon. Volare is a fan who asks me for a five without a photo, flying is despite the emptiness. It’s not following the score, draining a few liters, let it go, let it be like the Beatles. To those who have always followed me, have already understood it, Volare is already your favorite record. “

Coez will present the project during a club tours which will see him engaged at the beginning of 2022.

These are the dates on the calendar:

January 31, 2022 || Turin @ Hiroshima Mon Amour – SOLD OUT
February 2, 2022 || Milan @ Magazzini Generali – SOLD OUT
February 4, 2022 || Brescia @ Lattepiù
6 February 2022 || Roncade (TV) @ New Age
February 9, 2022 || Parma @ Campus Music Industry
11 February 2022 || Livorno @ The Cage
February 12, 2022 || Florence @ Viper
February 14, 2022 || Ravenna @ Bronson Club
February 17, 2022 || Modugno (BA) @ Demodè
February 18, 2022 || Maglie (LE) Music Industries
February 20, 2022 || Naples @ Duel Beat
February 22, 2022 || Rome @ Planet Rome (ex Alpheus) – SOLD OUT

The first real single from “Volare” is “Like in the songs”. Prepare the handkerchiefs and listen to it below!

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