the new album “Final Vol. I” may be the last

On Friday 17th September the new album by Enrique Iglesias titled “Final Vol. I”. The project comes about 7 years after the previous “Sex and Love”, released in 2014, and is the eleventh in the studio.

Apparently it could also be the conclusive one of his experience in the music field, as we read in the press release that accompanies the project that cites: “perhaps the last of his career, as the title seems to suggest”.

Following the announcement of the album, the enigmatic title immediately piqued the curiosity of fans, who began to wonder if “Final Vol. I” really meant the end of Enrique’s career or if, in fact, it was. the beginning of something bigger.

What is certain so far is that “Final Vol. I” is a project bilingual, formed by eleven tracks including the new single “Pendejo ” and the hit of summer 2021 “Me Pasé” ft. Farruko.

ph: press office

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