The MV X-Press Pearl container doors in large Sri Lanka are “on a train”

Le MV X-Press Pearl sombre.

Le navire totalement incendié est en train de sombrer, accentuant encore la catastrophe ekologique.

Containers MV X-Press Pearl ravagé par un incendie pendant treize jours au large de Colombo sombrait mercredi avec plusieurs centaines de tonnes de petrole dans ses reservoirs menaçant d’accentuer le déastere ecology qu’il fait déjà .

The navigating toll, located in Singapore, by the Dutch society, on the 20th of May, will take the route from Colombo to the provenance of the Gujarat Indian State. The end of the finale can be found in the boat of 13 days of international comfort.

“The navigating court at the risk of a commotion”, the declared statement of the port of Indica de Silva, some hours after the start of the tugboat of the navigating MV X-Press Pearl, registered in Singapore, by the Dutch society of Smith, ‘eloigner des cotes de Colombo.

The girl gave her water

A photographer from the AFP in Sarakkuwa, just north of the port of Colombo, indicates that the pope of the ship is under water.

“La poupe du navire est sous l’eau, le niveau d’eau est au-dessus du pont”, a confirmedé Indika de Silva, le navire est en train de sombrer “.

A oil tanker near this beach near Negombo, near the island of Colombo, is about 40 kilometers from Colombo.

La Marine du Sri Lanka aideé un peu plus tôt mercredi les experts de Smit à monter à bord du navire en perdition pour entamer une remorquage oprès plusieurs tentatives avortées pendant la nuit en raison du mauvais temps.

The President of Sri Lanka, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, has ordered the deployment of the ship, plus he will be able to reduce the risks of pollution to the islands of the island.

The MV X-Press Pearl container doors in large Sri Lanka are
The MV X-Press Pearl carriage takes 80 kilometers from the west west of Sri Lankaise.

The tons of plastic granules, proven by the MV X-Press Pearl carriage, on 80 days of littoral de l’west of the island, are the largest grave catastrophe of ecological history.

A black sea will not catch up with the situation, it will take 278 tons of soulet and 50 tons of gas in its reservoirs.

Selon la Marine, a nave of the guard-indians on the zone, is in need of the necessary equipment to treat all the oil.

Le Sri Lanka has opened a criminal investigation into pollution and pollution. The three principal members of the crew, the captain and the chief mechanic, all of the Russian nationality, devront the rest of the island for all the duration of the survey, indicated by the police. Leurs passeports on this confiscated mardi sur ordre d’un tribunal.

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