the meaning of the song “The Path of the Gods”

After “Black Guitar”, “We embrace” and “Adriatico”, Vasco Brondi he chose “The path of the Gods” as a fourth excerpt from “Landscape after the battle”, his first album after the end of Le Luci Della Centrale Elettrica.

The title of the song is inspired by the Via degli Dei, the I walk which goes from Bologna to Florence crossing the Apennines.

About the piece, the singer-songwriter said:

“In” Landscape after the battle “this strange historical period inevitably ended but I think it is important that the songs are never” news “and always have a spark of eternity inside. In ‘The Path of the Gods’ there is more clearly what happened around me in the silence of the city during the first period of the pandemic. There are the projects that have stopped, the remoteness of the bodies, the trees and wild animals that gave a great sigh of relief and we human beings who came back to understand that we are not the masters of anything, that we are not in control of everything. We are only two life forms on the third planet of the solar system. “

ph: press office, credit Valentina Sommariva

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