the meaning of the song “Rubini”

Mahmood he chose “Rubies” as a new single from the album “Ghettolimpo”, released on 11 June. The song was made together with one of the most beautiful voices in Italian music, Elisa. The two artists wrote it during a stay in Tuscany, while they thought about producing it Dardust.

“Rubini” speaks ofadolescence of Mahmood seen today, as an adult: just a moment troubled, which tells the first relations, the first adventures with the closest friends, Gugu and Davide, and the unease adolescent typical of a delicate moment in his life and in everyone’s life.

About the duet with Elisa, the singer said:

Elisa is one of the Italian artists that I have most in my heart and for which I have an immense esteem and thanks to which I have learned a lot. This collaboration has for me agigantic importance, so much so that it is the piece I have worked on the most, because I wanted it to be perfect. I immediately fell in love with Elisa’s audition: I immediately started putting my head into it, reworking it with text additions, a new intro and adding some dreamy guitars in the chorus. “

Elisa adds:

“Alessandro (this is Mahmood’s real name, ed) for me is one of the most brilliant authors of the new Italian scene, the fact that he already fell in love with my first draft of this song was nice. He then entered the song beautifully. I felt a space-time bridge between us, an ‘power that unites us inlove for research and for contemporaneity. “

You will be able to listen to “Rubini” on the radio from Friday August 27.

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