the meaning of the new song “Mai” feat. Silent Bob

One year after the EP “Oggi” was released on Sunday 24 October Ensi has released the new unreleased single “Never”. Made in collaboration with Silent Bob and produced by Crookers and Goedi, the piece embraces dark, evocative sounds.

Through the frankness that has always distinguished him, Ensi tells how much the loyalty is a fundamental value, in music as in life. What he provides by describing himself and his experience is an antithetical, lucid and precise representation of entertainment world, in which often, for money or fame, it comes down to compromises and no longer looks anyone in the face.

“I knew that after ‘Today’ tomorrow would come – declares Ensi – What I didn’t know is that the night was going to be a year long. A night when I didn’t sleep, but I dreamed. A year of change from many points of view, as difficult as it is revolutionary. “

ph: press office, credit cover image Andrea Barchi

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