the meaning of the new single “Luckily”

Beba And Willie Peyote have joined forces in “Thank god”, unreleased single released on Friday 10 September.

The song – produced by Dade – faces the world of relationships from a new perspective: it tells the end of a love story, in its dynamics that emerge from the dialogue between two lovers. The song revolves around a play on words: “thank goodness”, in the common sense of “Fortunately”, but at the same time in its literal meaning “less pain”.

“‘Thank goodness it talks about ending a relationship and how conflicting it feels: between having to let it go and not wanting to do it – says Beba – In the song we have the duty to love but also to screw everything up because I believe that there is courage in both perspectives, in closing but also in going to take back something important. Willie and I have been friends for many years, we always wanted to do something together and finally we found the right piece to do it. It’s the perfect spontaneous collaboration. “

The single is an advance ofdebut album of Beba coming soon. Stay tuned to find out more!

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