the lineup of concerts at the Verona Arena

The great live music in Italy starts again and does it with Emma! The summer concert season kicks off with the show at the Alpe Adria Arena in Lignano Sabbiadoro on Thursday 3 June, date zero of the tour Fortuna Live 2021, with which the artist celebrates his first 10 years of career.

“I am very excited and happy – Emma tells on the stage in Lignano Sabbiadoro during the press conference preceding the concert – This is my personal 1st of May, because all my show business workers are with me on this date. “

To those who call her courageous for this live restart, she replies:

“More than courageous I am consistent. I’m afraid to go on stage, I’m not brave, I’m just stubborn. Feeling like a decent person to the people who work with me is worth more than being the best singer. This is my thanks to those who in 10 years have always treated me as if I were the best artist in the world. “

After the zero date of Lignano Sabbiadoro, Sunday 6 and Monday 7 June Emma will return to perform in the gorgeous Arena of Verona.

In case you want to take a look at the ladder concerts, you are satisfied!

1. Intro
2. “With the Clouds” (from “I like it this way”, 2010)
“Really” (from “Oltre”, 2010)
“Wonderful” (from “Oltre”, 2010)
“Cullami” (from “I like it this way – Special Edition, 2010)

4. “Heat” (from “Oltre”, 2010)
5. “I’ll be Free” (from “I’ll be Free”, 2011)
6. “It’s not Hell” (from “Sarò Libera – Sanremo Edition”, 2011)
7. “I was looking for Love” (from “Sarò Libera”, 2011)
8. “Love is not enough for me” (from “Schiena”, 2013)
9. “Forget Everything” (from “Schiena”, 2013)

“Schiena” (from “Schiena”, 2013)
“Stay a little longer” (from “E Live”, 2014)
“Hold my breath” (from “Schiena”, 2013)
“In every corner of me” (from “Schiena”, 2013)

11. “My City” (from “Schiena”, 2013)
12. “Love me” (from “Schiena”, 2013)
13. “Deep Eyes” (from “Now”, 2015)
14. “Heaven does not exist” (from “Now”, 2015)
15. “Speak to me softly” (from “Be here”, 2018)

“The island” (from “Be here”, 2018)
“Domino Effect” (from “Being here”, 2018)

“Just you is enough” (from “Fortuna”, 2019)
“Run” (from “Fortuna”, 2019)
“Alibi” (from “Fortuna”, 2019)

18. “Blue Lights” (from “Fortuna”, 2019)
19. “Piece of Heart” (from “Best of ME”, 2021)
(together with Alessandra Amoroso)
20. “Stupida Joy” (from “Fortuna”, 2019)
21. “When love ends” (from “Fortuna”, 2019)
22. “What an incredible dream” (from “Best of ME”, 2021)
(together with Loredana Bertè)
23. “I am Beautiful” (from “Fortuna”, 2019)
24. “Latina” (from “Fortuna”, 2019)
25. “Fortuna” (from “Fortuna”, 2019)

The show on 6 June at the Verona Arena will be available for free in streaming from 15 June in prime time on the ITsART platform.

During the Veronese dates, they will also go up on stage with Emma Alessandra Amoroso, Loredana Bertè and Dardust.

After Verona, Fortuna Live 2021 will continue at the Ancient Theater of Taormina, in Rome, Milan, Turin and Bologna. HERE you can find the concert calendar.

ph: press office, credit Bianca Burgo

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