The Liguria you don’t expect with the guys from Backcountry and Fox Racing [VIDEO DI MOUNTAIN BIKE]

Ah, Italy, Liguria! Land of pasta with pesto, beautiful landscapes, white beaches. But also a land of steep paths and icy mountains where you can experience adventures in the name of the extreme. And if you are looking for out-of-the-ordinary thrilling experiences, there is only one number you need to look for: that of the boys of Backcountry Final. THE Fox Racing rider they are ready to make you discover Finale Ligure as you have never seen it before. Do you feel it?

The phone of Backcountry Final it rings and the Fox Racing riders Alessandro Merlini, Luca Martini, Filippo Gualtieri, Sandra Boerner and the new entry Dennis Tondin, you can be sure they respond. With them the day will go more or less like this: crazy rides on a mountain bike in the woods, always with the utmost respect for nature and the environment, to finish with an aperitif or a beer, to restore the body after surfing the mountains. This video explains it well:

Then? The secret tracks of the woods of Finale Ligure are still beautiful steaming. Every day is a good one to get lost with your bike. Be guided by the wisdom of Fox Racing riders, they know every single stone of the course!

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