The international sound of Alessia Labate

Friday 29 May 2021. The MTV New Generation Just Discovered web showcase returns and takes you to discover the Artist of the Week.

Today is “Alessia Labate”

Musical genre: POP

Video: “Conversations With Myself”

Film director: Mattia Giordano

Behind a pop-dance song like this there are several characteristics that need attention to be fully appreciated. Alessia she has an appreciated and uncommon vocal talent since she was born, always immersed in music even in the family, after two childhood experiences she decides to measure herself with foreign countries. The fact of publishing her on MTV New Generation is a kind of return to But the trip was worth the ticket because what it brings with it is an international production that would not disfigure in American or English-speaking markets.

At the sound bank RIVIERA.

The video of the song, on the other hand, is an entire sequence shot in an apartment, in which there is a comparison between the singer’s interpretation of the song and a kind of alter ego with which he measures himself animatedly. In the end of the video the clarification. There he is!

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