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The number of young people from Covid-19 is hospitalized on a continuous basis, with less than 17,000 hospitalized people, up to 3,028 in critical terms, according to the French Public Health.

Currently 16,847 patients have been diagnosed with coronavirus in the French hospitals (against 17,272 times), up to 334 in the course of the 24 hours (539 days). In one week, 19,765 young people from Covid were hospitalized.

The services of their critics, who are known as the youngsters of Covid-19, plus the movement of attents and who represent the resuscitation, on record 3,028 youngsters (3,104 at the veil), are about 500 of those who have a week. Ces services on admis 93 new patients Covid (155 the previous day).

In 24 hours, the young man was taken to 71 hospital patients, the total number of children at 109,387 after the start of the pandemic.

Contamination contaminants are also detected, with 10,675 positive reviews in 24 hours (11,268 hours) for a positive rate (number of positives reported in the total number of tested persons) at 3.3% on the last few days.

According to the vaccination code, which is generalized to the total population of the population, 25,315,595 persons have received their injection (soit 37.8% of the total population and 48.2% of the major population), and 10,742,886 people have received two injections (16% of the total population and 20.5% of the majority of the population), according to the Ministry of Health.

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