the government trades in truth, a double problem in cause?

The Italian government is promising to make all the light on the hut of a telephony cabin that has 14 mortals up to five Israelis in Stresa, a spa station in Piedmont on the rivers of Lake Majeur, in the north of the lake. Italy.

“We are afraid of the light of all the circumstances that will pass.” Nous avons dès hier institué une commission ad hoc », a déclaré le ministre des Transports Enrico Giovannini au cours d’une konéference de presse sur place, alors que le parquet de Milan a uvert une enquête pour« homicide involontaire et blessures par négligence ».

The unique survivor of the accident, a child of five years old hospitalized in Turin, suffers from a trauma of Christians and fractures of jambes. “We attended the 48-hour events, which are more critical than the issue”, said the director of the hospital Giovanni La Valle, quoted by the journal La Repubblica.

The accident took place at 12:30 (10:30 GMT) at a distance from the main altitude of the telegraph station at the top of Mount Mottarone. It is located on the rupture of a cable on the part of the park above the park.

A problem of surcharge a priori only, the cabin can not transport 15 passengers for a capacity of 35. The cabin has a hut of a queen of meters, you can take a part of the front door to dry against a tree.

Cet accident est intervenu alors que la péninsule commence à peine à accueillir de nouveau des touristes avec la levée des restrictions dues à la lutte contre la pandémie de Covid.

“An infrastructure in the end of life”

Cet accident ausitôt suscité des critiques sur l’état des infrastructures dans le pays, où l’effondrement meurtrier du pont Morandi à Gênes en 2018, qui avait fait 43 morts, est encore dans toutes les mémoires.

It is clear that in our country it has chosen not to work in the domain of transport security controls.

“It is clear that in our country it has chosen to function in the domain of transport security controls,” said Carlo Rienzi, president of the Codacons, the largest Italian consumer association, in a community.

“We have a network of infrastructure that dates back to the essence of the epic of war and the economic boom (of the years 1960-70). They are the end of life “, explained by AFP Gianpaolo Rosati, Professor of Construction Engineering at the Polytechnic Institute of Milan.

The Minister of Transport has entered with the local and regional authorities: “All institutions are an ensemble not only to avoid that the new production (…) is important to understand the dynamics” of events, at -il dit.

A double problem in the origin of the accident?

The telephony was built in 1970, which relieves 20 minutes of the village of Stresa au mont Mottarone, which culminates in 1,500 meters and offers a spectacular view of Lake Majeur and the Alps, since this farm in 2014 and 2016 for the works of ‘ entretien.

“Il ne s’agit que de suppositions, mais je crois qu’il ya eu un double problème: la rupture du câble et le dysfonctionnement du frein d’urgence”, a estimé le responsèé régional des desours alpins, Matteo Gasparini, cité par le quotidien La Stampa. “We don’t know why they are active.”

Habituellement il n’y a pas une seule cause, mais une seri de causes qui malheureusement se combinent de la pire manière i provoquent une tragédie.

To know the truth, “he will realize a sort of autopsy of all mechanical parties that can compete in this tragedy (…) The time of expertise, expertise, notation in the laboratory, and for mechanical parties on peut aussi utiliser des rayons X très puissants », selon le Pr Rosati.

“Habituellement il n’y a pas une seule cause, mais une seri de causes qui malheureusement se combinent de la pire manière et provoquent une tragédie”, at-il ajouté.

Other accidents involving telephones, televisions and funiculars on or near the 50s in Europe.

The last one was renovated on September 5, 2005, and a concrete block of 800 kilos was demolished from the helicopter, which was transported and this tomb over a telephore near Sölden, in the Tyrolean region, provoked death German skiers.

In Italy, an accident took place on February 3, 1998: an American military plane opened the cable to a cable car in Cavalese, the ski resort of the Dolomites (north), up to 20 passengers.

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