The freshness of Austen Sweetin turns winter into you. For thrills of pure adrenaline. [VIDEO DI SNOWBOARD]

Nature is ready to welcome us with open arms, as long as we learn to listen to it and respect it. Feel its vibes, learn to interpret them and enjoy everything it can offer you: the snow on your skin, the dizzying height of the mountains, breathtaking views. Sometimes there is some misunderstanding, but it’s all experience.

This is the philosophy of Quiksilver rider Austen Sweetin. And, in our opinion, it really got us.

To present it to you we could tell you that it is in the top 10 of rider Snowboarder Mag, who loves risk and pure adrenaline flows in his veins. But the words that best sum up the lifestyle of the Quiksilver rider are those of the athlete Bryan Fox. Of Austen, Fox says “he lives and breathes boardriding”, he lives and breathes on the board.

If you think that he only hangs out in the snow, you are very wrong: Sweetin he is famous for being an all-terrain rider. And this, in a nutshell, means that there is no surface that can represent a limit. The Quiksilver rider he is definitely a winter type, but for him every season is the good one to give the best!

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