The first euro in Belarus has been canceled

Il a’ura aura pas de championshipnats d’Europe de cyclisme sur piste en Beelorussie.

The European Union of Cycling annulled the European Championships on the runway on June 23-27 in Belarus, and Minsk is in a diplomatic conflict with the European Union and the United States of America due to the deviation of a plane. the line.

“In the light of the current international situation”, the executive council of the UEC has been revised to do so, the most important for the European pistards before the Tokyo Olympic Games, indicating the instance in a communion.

Without details of the details of this decision, the president of UEC Enrico Della Casa said he had “a great deal of attention to the evolution of things that are still difficult to find in the center of the international debate”.

“We employ people to find an alternative solution that will include athletes from our 50 national federations on the continental event this season”, said M. Della Casa, who said that the sanitary crisis would not be able to find a solution. .

La France took the lead for this competition with a title group for endurance tests and a “B” team for the sprint. “On this date, the winners who went to Tokyo for the sprint are in a cycle of preparation,” said Christophe Manin, the national technical director.

In January, the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) took part in the co-organization of the World Cup, which is being disputed in Latvia, before the press of sponsors and opponents of the President of Belarus Alexandre. Loukachenko.

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