The first anti-Covid dogs in service at Miami airport

NEW YORK, 13 SEPTEMBER – The first two dogs trained to recognize Covid have entered service at Miami airport. As the US media explain, it is a pilot program at one of the busiest airports in the US, and the first to use dogs in the battle against the virus. According to a Florida International University study, dogs can detect the presence of Covid with an accuracy rate ranging from 96% to 99%. The accuracy rate of Cobra, a Belgian Malinois female, was 99.4%, and that of One Betta, a Dutch Shepherd, 98.1%. Cobra and One Betta will smell the masks of employees who pass through a checkpoint to detect the presence of the virus in sweat, breath and odors due to the metabolic changes that Covid causes in the human body: if dogs report the smell of the virus, that individual will be asked to take a quick test immediately. (HANDLE).

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