The extraterrestrials we observed? An American report on the rams very present

The extraterrestrials we surveyed? For the American government, which publishes in the past a report on the “non-identifying phenomena of the air”, the mysterious aeronautical apercussion of the last years of military pilots, not to see the potential of little men very real estate states of the United States.

After decades of secrecy, the Congress ordered the final announcement of the Grand Public on the activities of the Pentagon’s unit to study these phenomena, which are confined to the US Navy.

This report, placed with the authority of the direction of re-designation services (DNI), risks to discover the amateurs of extraterrestrials, do not use this relation to a recent report of three serious American television magazines «Min. what vanity.

Ex-President Barack Obama in a malicious remission of a couch this week, in the presence of a humorous issue, has a demand for his arrival at the House of Blanche with the existence of a secret laboratory on the guard of extraterrestrial specimens and vaisseaux spatiaux ». “They’re doing some research and answering this non,” he said.

“What is true – and what is serious – this is what the videos and images of objects in the sky do not know about the fact that they are,” said M. Obama. .

The Pentagon publishes the latest videos on the US Navy pilots, who will be watching the news with the name of this ram. One of these videos – all in black and white – date from November 2004 and the other two from January 2015.

On the moon, he can see an object of oblong form that is rapidly discharging, which, secondly, after repairing one of the hoods on the board of the US Navy, disparate on the couch in the suite. soudaine acceleration.

Space aired

In an other video, he distinguishes the object of this night, the pilot is in demand with the agit of a drone.

At the Pentagon, these images are very serious. To avoid all lien with the venus of another planet and encourage aviators to report these applications without cracks, the military or the designer plus as “objects not identified” (rams) but as “phenomenon” non-identified airs ».

The object is that military experts and all the services of analysis analyze their videos and identify the best possible aeronautics.

The aerial world space is undercover, explicitly responsible for the Pentagon’s anonymous request. Out of the planes, it is traversed by military drones that can be used by Americans or to enter the countryside, by quadricoptres, these little drones to four rooms of cameras and vendus in the commerce, used utility balloons. meteorological, not the existence of millionaires of different models, without considering the American military prototypes tested in the big secret.

Selon la vitesse à laquelle volent les pilotes militaires, les reflets du soleil, l’heure, la meteo, il peut être difficile d’identifier l’aéronef observé, mais c’est possible grâce à des mathématiques, des recoupements de photos prises under English differences etc.

The Pentagon does not publish any conclusions for avoiding indications of adversarial potential. However, an object that is equipped with a video as a rapid displacement, after analyzing ocean movements, equipment movements that are repaired and can be moved, is finally disposed of.

Very advanced technologies

“Plus we have recouped data, plus we have to reduce the number of identified and non-identified, and plus we have to avoid strategic strategies in terms of adversarial technologies”, a complement indicated by a port of call of the American minister. Defense, Susan Gough, in a communication.

Car ce qui inquiète les militaires, c’est que ces fénomènes observés très fréquemment («plus d’une ou deux fois par semaine», selon le responsable du Pentagone), témoignent de technologies dont les Etats-Unis ne disposent pas.

“En fait, on ne sait pas ce que c’est”, a declaré dimanche Luis Elizondo, un ancien militaire ayant participé aux travaux du Pentagone sur le sujet. “What we know is that we are aerons, they have the capacity of a generation of generation.”

“And this is what is required in terms of national security: they can surpass everything that we have in our inventory, at the precision of the ABC chain.

For the Pentagon, all these assemblages have spied on the espionage of the centers of training of the American army.

“Our aviators are the ones who make me feel fighting.” Et si quelqu’un est la, en train d’essayer d’identifier comment nous nous entraînons (…), ça lui donne un avantage », souligne le responsable du Pentagone.

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