the destruction of millions of J&J vaccines ordered by the European Medicines Agency

The European regulator of medicines ordered the destruction of millions of vaccines Johnson & Johnson (Janssens).

The Johnson & Johnson anti-cocci vaccine lots, currently blocked, do not pass delivery and dovent be determined, resort to a communiqué of the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

This day does not mention the number one, but Selon Noël Wathion, the n ° 2 of EMA interrogé by De Tijd, 17 million doses in Europe dovent be eliminated, do 2.4 million stock in Beers (province of Anvers) .

This determination is based on contamination, on the Emergent Biosolutions site, a trainee of J&J in Baltimore (United States), the active substances of the J&J vaccine for the AstraZeneca vaccine components.

The contaminated lots are not destined for the European market. Plus, “on the basis of available information, the vaccinations of vaccinations in the US do not have this effect on this contamination,” said EMA.

Toutefois, “on the measure of precaution and for the preservation of the quality of vaccines”, the Belgian authorities and the Dutch control of medicines, which are responsible for the release of the lots in the US, not recommended for non-free lots contenant la substance active fabriquée à l’époque où la contamina s’est produite, explique l’EMA.

J&J sur la même longueur d’onde que l’EMA

L’UE aurait normalement du recevoir 55 million de vaccins J&J d’ici la fin du mois, mais ce sera sans doute moins. He ignores the whole aura of repercussions on the vaccination campaign.

In a communicative reaction, Johnson and Johnson are on the longest side of where EMA is. “We continue to work with sanitary authorities for the approval of a supplementary production of the active substance in our emergency treatment,” peut-on lire dans son communiqué. Johnson & Johnson affirme émalement poursuivre l’augmentation de sa production, notamment sur son site Janssen à Leyde (Pays-Bas). This will be the case in July, in the function of the fire of the authorities.

According to the New York Times, the American Sanitary Authority (FDA) has ordered the destruction of 60 million doses of J&J vaccine produced in Baltimore. These millions of doses increase as they are delivered to the United States or other countries. There is no decision to include this concern concerning the reversal of the Emergent Biosolutions site, which is closed to two.

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