the commission of athletes of the CIO advocates for a “discreet diplomacy”

«Inquiète» of the Chinese Tennis Champion Peng Shuai, the Committee of Athletes of the International Olympic Committee (CIO) called on Saturday, November 20 for a “Discreet diplomacy”, while the silence of the Olympic organization contrasts with the growing public pressure on Pékin.

“With the global athlete community”, the body representing the sportsmen within the CIO “Is very preoccupied with the situation of the Peng Shuai Triple Olympics”, tweeted Saturday afternoon the former Finnish hockey player Emma Terho, chairman of the commission of athletes.

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“We support the discreet diplomacy approach that has been adopted and hope that it will lead to the disclosure of information about the Peng Shuai brand and the confirmation of its security and well-being.”, at-elle pursuivi, disant espérer également «What a means would be found for a direct exchange between her and her fellow athletes».

This communiqué came to support the approach adopted on Thursday by the CIO, largely unappreciated in the declaration concert, of the sports world at the Maison Blanche in passing by the UN and the Quai d’Orsay, calling for the enlightenment on the disappearance de la joueuse chinoise.

Mysterious photos of Peng Shuai show their apparition on Twitter

China’s refusal to freeze?

In a short statement, a spokesman for the Olympic authority refused to comment on the Peng Shuai issue, on the grounds that “Experience shows that a discreet diplomacy offers the best chance of finding a solution to such questions of nature”.

China’s refusal to freeze at least three months from Pékin’s Winter JO (4-20 February 2022), have you ever been criticized on human rights grounds? Want to act behind the scenes to help the 35-year-old player, without crunching the Chinese regime by counter-productive juvenile pressures?

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The CIO, whose silence was judged “Embarrassing” Friday by French tennisman Nicolas Mahut, a dit “Appreciate” Saturday “Inquiries expressed by sports and Olympic national committees”.

“We also salute the support of the CIO Athletes Commission for our discreet diplomatic approach. This approach means that we will continue our dialogue open, at all levels, with the Chinese Olympic Movement », indicated the organization.

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Where’s Peng Shuai? That’s the story of the mysterious disappearance of the Chinese tennis champion

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