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Ursula von der Leyen
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The European Commission has proposed a plan to establish a system for identifying the security used in all of Europe to share a telephone or access to online services or document management.

The object is to be made in the sort that all the citizens and enterprises are accounted for, as the souhaitent, in a numerical national identity which is reconstructed to traverse the EU to facilitate and secure the European rights, explicitly explained by the European a communiqué.

«European numerical identity permits to do in imports which state that we are in our hands, without additional supplements and with less objects. It is located in an apartment or open a bank account in the countryside of our country. And to make a serious and transparent manner, ”said Margrethe Vestager, vice-president of the Commission, who agreed to the project with the Commissioner of the Interior, Thierry Breton.

Other identification systems are proposed by the governments and private companies.

However, the European executive can create a universal solution to these solutions, guaranteeing that they can be used very successfully. This “portfolio” of the European numerical identity is not only accepted by the great plateforms as the identification of the users, but also the most important ones.

The “portfolio” can be associated with various documents such as conducting permits, diplomas, bank accounts, etc.

However, the user will be able to determine the elements of his identity, which data or certificates are secured by parcels with animals, in addition to limiting the accesses to personal information in strict process. The Commission trades on security standards “at the best level”.

To arrive at a new place in the new system, which will apply to national solutions existing in the interoperable range, the European Commission will adopt a modification of regulation. She invites the States members to “create a boat to work in the commune of September 2022 and to commence immediately the necessary preparatory work”.

“This boat will be used to understand technical architecture, standards and direct lines of application in practical practices”, explained the European executive.

This last one works with Vingt-Sept and the private sector on technical aspects.

The numerical transition is a part of the priorities of the European Commission. It is not only fixed for the 2030 issue that all public services are available online and that all citizens have access to an electronic medical file. On this date, it is expected that 80% of the utilities use an electronic identity solution.

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