The Chinese families have a lot of fun to have a three-year-old child

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From children to children and from plus to more people: the China decided to suppress the limit of two children by a couple in the dispute to report the birth rate in the countries of the world plus the people of the world (plus 1.4 billion of habitats).

Three weeks after the results of this last review, which is based on the strength of the population, Beijing has a solution to liberalize its family policy, but it is currently limited to a couple of children.

“In response to the knowledge of the population (…), a couple is authorized to have three children”, announcing the news of China, citing the conclusions of a reunion of the bureau of politics of the Communist Party conducted by President Xi Jinping.

This policy is accompanied by “sousin measures” to families, and the official press agency has been without precision.

Since its inception, the results of the review realized in 2020 have achieved a significant increase in the speed of the Chinese population.

Base birth rate

The last year, marked by the Covid epidemic, the number of visits is 12 million, against 14.65 million in 2019. This year, the birth rate (10.48 per 1,000) is due au plus bas depuis la fondation de la Chine communiste en 1949.

After more than three decades of “unique children’s politics”, three years since the fall of China, the author of all the rules in 2016, authorizing all Chinese to have a second child. But without having to pay the birth rate.

The raisons of the pool of visits are multiple: recul du du number of mariages, hausse du coût des logements et de l’éducation, fertility plus tardive pour les femmes qui privilege davantage leur carrière, excès du nombre d’hommes par rapport aux femmes du making traditional preference for children’s children …

In addition to the pyramid of the yags, the China has calculated the last plus 264 million people of the age of 60 and more, which is still the total population of France.

This class consists of 18.7% of the total, it has a house of 5.44 points of percentage based on the review report of 2010. Inverse, the active population (15 to 59 years) does not represent plus 63.35% of the total, in replies of 6.79 points on 10 years.

Near 1.5 billion Chinese

After the last review, it pays more than the people of the world officially paid 1.411 billion of finances in 2020.

According to the previous collection, from 2010, the population increased by 5.38% only (or 0.53% per year), with the progress of the last possible year of 1960.

In this rhythm, China will be able to settle down more quickly than the first of the world’s premier population: the great war of the South will account for 1.38 billion inhabitants in 2020, according to the estimates of the United Nations.

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