The best bitcoin savings plan app in the world

With Relai 2.0, Europe’s most popular Bitcoin savings plan app is celebrating a relaunch. That’s in the update.

It was announced exclusively in advance on BTC-ECHO, now it is official: Relay is doing a comprehensive relaunch. The Bitcoin investment app, which is known for its BTC savings plan, is becoming cheaper, clearer, fancier and generally simple better.

For example, the fees are expected to drop from 3 percent in the past to now up to 1 percent. For this, the crypto payment service provider from Zurich has considered a completely new fee model. In future, the basic fee will only be 2.5 percent instead of 3 percent. Anyone who invests more than 100 euros or Swiss francs in digital gold only pays 2 percent. But it doesn’t stop there. Those who invest regularly, i.e. use the savings plan function, save another 0.5 percent.

There is a further discount of 0.5 percent for those who use the famous relay referral codes. All in all, users can bring the relay fees to 1 percent. This puts the company in the top league when it comes to transaction fees.

But that’s not all. As a promotional campaign, Relai is giving all users the full fees until the end of 2021. In addition – and that will please long-established fans – there is still the possibility of earning bare Satoshis through referrals. Whoever pushes the personal code to new Relai users receives 0.5 percent of their investment volume in Bitcoin. So if you advertise diligently, you can passively earn a nice penny.

Licensing in Switzerland

The status of Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) makes the relaunch possible. Relai will thus operate as an independent broker in the future. The Swiss start-up also benefits from membership in the Swiss Association for Quality Assurance in Financial Services (VQF). This is a self-regulatory organization that supports financial service providers on behalf of FINMA in combating money laundering.

With our own broker, we will be able to set competitive fees, increase trade execution efficiency and develop new products and services for our users,

says Julian Liniger, CEO of Relai.

Relai is a savings plan app founded by Julian Liniger and Adem Bilican. The advantage of Relai is that it is easy to use, even for beginners, and becomes even more intuitive with the relaunch. Instead of having to register in advance on an exchange and first go through a complex KYC procedure, users only have to place a transfer or a standing order on their own bank account and thus invest in Bitcoin.

It only takes a few minutes from the download of the app to the first investment – there is no faster way to get your digital gold. Above all, the savings plan function makes Relai unique. Because of the high volatility of the cryptocurrency, Bitcoiners increasingly swear by regular investments that they typically hold over a longer period of time. With the update, more and more crypto-disciples should choose the app in the future on Relai.

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