The Atwoods are the artists of the month for June

From Tuesday 1st June 2021 the video rotating on MTV Music (Sky channels 131 and 704) and so “So Bad” of Atwood.

MTV New Generation has selected the Atwood because we really like their musical proposal between pop and alt rock.

Where today many bands fail and are too derivative from other established names in the music business, we believe that Atwood have what it takes to make a difference and impose themselves on the music scene with their own well-defined identity card.

In “So Bad” they demonstrate this by highlighting their different compositional characteristics, including a conscious and incisive use of clear and powerful electronic sounds in perfect cohesion with the more rock side that explodes in the middle of the song. The rest is done by a voice with a sure timbre, which moves with ease between the highs and lows, skilfully embodying the divergent feelings of the piece.

The video of the song is shot by Dalilù, the images take shape and form in minimal and extemporaneous environments that acquire different colors and lights to follow the contrasting emotions of the text. Within this space, first the single singer moves, who during the video personifies different shades of herself, at a certain point these different physical personalities coexist in the same space with their contradicting souls. When the song explodes, the video returns a more live dimension of the duo, in vocal formation and electric guitar (and bass) to communicate their hypothetical impact live.

After a first listening of discovery, the song begins to make its way and also give an idea of ​​what they can try to do in the future.

The skills are there, the tools as well. In June “I know Bad“Of Atwood it will therefore be the most broadcast Italian video on MTV Music (Sky channel 131 and 704).



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