The arrival of the Taliban told by Afghan basketball player Nilofar Bayat, refugee in Spain

Nilofar Bayat, captain of the Afghan basketball team in rolling armchair and militant women’s rights, slept in Spain after being evacuated from his country, said she had a few words for his life when the Taliban took control of Afghanistan:

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This sport supersedes the international community not to abandon Afghanistan and its compatriots, “Because the Taliban have not changed”.

“We want the United Nations, all the countries, to help Afghanistan”, appealed with force this young woman of 28 years, Monday during a press conference in Bilbao, in the Basque Country (north of Spain), organized by the Spanish Commission on Aid to Refugees.

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Accompanied by her mother Ramesh, she arrived near Madrid on Friday thanks to the aerial bridge in place of Spain, before joining Bilbao, where, she said, she would be happy with the basket “Since possible”.

She tells with force details the days and terrible hours that preceded her departure:

“The day I saw the Taliban around me, I panicked, I started thinking about myself and my family. […] They can kill me, because I appear in many videos where I talk about the Taliban, basketball, my participations in the women’s marches in Afghanistan », explains it in English.

Panic at the airport

This former law student decides to go to Kabul Airport, where the Spanish embassy assured him that he would have a seat in a plane.

It’s there, in the chaos and general panic, “I talked to the Taliban for the first time”, dit-elle.

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«Ils m’ont battue, moi et moi mari […] I’m much happier, not because they’ve beaten us », corn and pensant “What they did to our country”, confie la jeune femme.

After two days spent at the airport, “Without anything to sleep” and with “Do not use food for everyone”, she comes to cheer with her mother in the second Spanish military plane that has to leave Kaboul for Dubai.

“Not coming”

The Taliban, she could never forget, she lost a two-year-old boy while a rocket hit his house, both his brother and his father.

The Taliban “I destroyed everything because of what I worked through these last years”, pursuit Nilofar.

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“I am the best proof that the Taliban are dangerous”, dit-elle. And to add: “He has no future, he has no hope. »

Remains all the basket to try to escape, even briefly, to this reality: “When I’m in the gym, when I’m playing basketball, I’ll like everything I’m training to do in my country, and I’m a handicap. »

Recruitment offers

The young woman is interested in basketball in a reclining armchair after seeing the men practice this sport.

She has played a crucial role in the deployment of an Afghan women’s team, despite the restrictions, in a country where many people suffer from a disability following an assassination attempt or polio.

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Nilofar Bayat has arrived in Spain, a basketball country, thanks to the intervention of a Spanish journalist.

She chose to install in Bilbao with her husband Ramesh Naik Zai, 27, who is himself the player of the Afghan basketball team.

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She had to receive it “Many offers” of handisport basketball clubs, including the Bidaideak Bilbao BSR, and hope to start “Since possible”.

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