The American soldiers revealing the secrets of nuclear weapons on the line

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American soldiers who revise their knowledge of online secrets of nuclear secrets, but also publish a public inquiry on the Bellingcat investment site that locates precisely the American thermonuclear bombs in Europe.

American soldiers at the expense of the nuclear arsenal in Europe are regulated by long-term and detailed security questionnaires, which will oblige them to find a great number of information and acronyms.

In search of Google the most useful acronyms for the American military associated with the name of European military bases for opening nuclear missiles, but also the local government does not recognize Jamais, Bellingcat to disclose the rules of local auditing. exacte des missiles et même s’ils étaient «actifs», c’est-à-dire s’ils étaient bien armés de têtes nucléaires.

For example, on the bases or socks of nuclear aircraft missiles B61, aircraft hangars (PAS, English acronyms) are equipment for armature security systems (WS3) and concrete reinforcement (vault) which peut abriter 4 bombes thermonucléaires B61, explique l’auteur de l’article de Bellingcat, Foeke Postma.

In tap on the Google search line “PAS”, “WS3” and “vault” at the same time as the name of a military base for the selection of nuclear weapons, the journalist is in charge of free applications for destinations. with students, as Chegg, Quizlet and Cram.

The Dutch government officially recognizes that the air base of Volkel, in the south-east of the country, is open to nuclear weapons. More Bellingcat is available at Chegg 70. On y découvre qu’il ya 11 armatures de protection à Volkel, dont cinq sont «chaudes» (armées) et six «froides».

A series of records revised for the Cram application application, which is based on the military base of Aviano, in Italy, on the 27th armature of the “Tango Loop” zone, open a missile “cold”. Pire, a soldier inscribed on one of these files in the line of passage and names of accessories for disabling the security systems WS3.

“We also have to find the details on (…) all the other European bases which are known for the purpose of nuclear weapons: Incirlik (Turkey), Ghedi (Italy), Büchel (Germany) and Kleine Brogel (Belgium)”, note the investment site known to have unpacked GRU agents, the Russian military survey, and the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government.

Ces fiches remontent à 2012 et la plus récente a éte mise en ligne en april 2021, indique Foeke Postma, qui prícise avoir tenté sans succès d’obtenir une reaction de l’Otan, du Pentagone et du commandement européen de l’aréene amérée amé Eucom) for your article. The revision notes are these application remittances after the reaction requests.

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