The actor Gavin MacLeod, captain of “La cruisière s’amuse”, is born 90 years ago.

Gavin MacLeod, apparte dans de nombreux seconds rôles, était devenu celebré dans celui du Capitaine Stubing du luxueux paquebot Pacific Princess

The actor Gavin MacLeod, captain of the international series of American television series of the years 1970-1980 “La cruisière s’amuse”, is the death of a 90-year-old.

This is confirmed in the showbiz magazine Variety by his new Mark See.

Gavin MacLeod, apparted in the second seconds of the roll, this celebrity in the cellui of the Captain Stubing of the luxurious Pacific Princess package, dont the passengers, souvenir games for the stars, parmesan genes of Kel Kelly, will take a day off the boards of export in or burlesques.

The series, based on the criticism of the most popular immigration, is based on our seasons and the origin of original films. She started this diffusion in France to start the debut of the 1980s.

“The critics of the detainee, the qualifier of abusive television,” the actor said in an interview with the Los Angeles Times in 2013.

“I have the skin removed. Gavin was my friend, my complicity, my acolyte in gastronomy, my comparisons of humor », and in this tweet the actor Edward Asner (91 years), chef of the editorial office, most adorable from the American series« Mary Tyler Moore Show », dans laquelle Gavin McLeod s’était fait connaître.

«On the back of Gavin. Dis aux copains que j’arrive! », At-il plaisanté.

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