Tesla launches Model S Plaid with many new features

Tesla officially launched the new one Model S Plaid and Elon Musk pointed out all the new technology adopted by the car.

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Tesla has already presented the new version of the Model S back in January, but she didn’t go into detail on many of the changes made to the electric sedan. It was already thought that Tesla was working on a new “Palladium” electric motor, but now Elon Musk has confirmed the thesis.

New engine

The biggest innovation on the Tesla Model S Plaid is definitely the new rotor with carbon sleeves in the new electric motors. The result of this innovation is a small but extremely powerful engine.

Tesla Model S Plaid

As you can easily guess, this is a huge improvement over not only the original 2012 Model S but also the more recent 2019 Model S Performance, which was already beating supercars on the track. Here is the photo of the new engine of the Model S Plaid.

Tesla Model S Plaid engine

The Palladium program also included a new battery pack, which Musk confirmed during the presentation, but did not release any further details about it. The CEO has also confirmed that Tesla has managed to break another record. That is to achieve a coefficient CX equal to 0.208.

Tesla Model S Plaid

Exaggerated performance

One of the biggest surprises of the presentation was the new heat pump and thermal system of the new Model S. We know that Tesla has focused on designing very efficient heat pumps to increase the efficiency of its electric cars in colder climates. starting from Model Y and then from Model 3.

Now Tesla has designed a whole new one for the Model S, and Musk has made some pretty crazy claims about it:

It is 30% better than its predecessors in cold weather, and requires 50% less energy to heat the cabin in freezing conditions.

Here it is shown below the new heat pump designed specifically for the Model S Plaid:

tesla heat pump mod s plaid

Reportedly, the larger radiator in the front will allow for better high performance handling. Tesla confirms 0-60 mph in 1.99 seconds, quarter-mile in 9.23 seconds, and a top speed of 200 mph. Speaking in our metric system it means: from 0 to 100 km in 1.99 seconds about and the top speed reaches about 320 km / h.

Despite the absurd performance, Tesla is still a little behind the competition when it comes to the charging speed of its cars. Tesla’s new Supercharger v3 is limited to 250 kW, but Musk has confirmed that he wants to increase the power up to “280 kW, 300 kW and finally 350 kW” without specifying a timing however.

Safety first

Tesla has been accustoming us to super safe cars for years, and this time it couldn’t be otherwise. As usual, Tesla focuses on safety first and the automaker has had a very good track record in crash testing safety.

tesla security

Tesla Model S Plaid interior

The rest of the presentation focused on the interior of the new Model S, which had already been unveiled, but Musk explained some changes in more detail.

For example, Musk tried to sell the feature “automatic gearbox”, which uses the autopilot to predict which driving mode (Drive, Reverse, Neutral or Park) the vehicle should use.

Surprisingly, the CEO only briefly discussed the new steering wheel, just saying it’s great for visibility and not mentioning that a regular one would be available round version.

Surely it will be nice to know that Tesla has worked hard to guarantee more comfort to passengers who will sit in the rear.

tesla model s interior

Musk also discussed the new sound system which uses a new codec which will always reproduce the best possible sound.

Tesla has also designed its new acoustic glass, which the CEO says will greatly improve the cancellation of the noises in the passenger compartment.

The automaker also released a quick demo of its new user interface and how information is handled on the tablet that acts as an onboard computer, which is now more customizable and uses improved navigation gestures.

The new interface was designed for the new screen of the Model S and of Model X, but probably some changes will also arrive in the Model 3 and in the Model Y.

During the presentation, Musk also talked about the gaming performance of the new Model S. We now have confirmation therefore that Tesla is using the new AMD RDNA GPU 2 with the same computing performance as a Playstation 5. Tesla showed a short demo of Cyberpunk running on the new entertainment system.

Tesla Model S Plaid presentation

In short, of meat in the fire there is really a lot of it, at this point we just have to leave you to the video of the official presentation of the new Tesla Model S.


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