Tesla Cybertruck: 610 miles of range?

The Cybertruck of Tesla could reach i 610 miles of range, at least in its most powerful configuration. This is what a new patent filed by Elon Musk’s company suggests and relating to the most anticipated electric pick-up ever: the vehicle could beat all competitors in terms of kilometers traveled on a single charge.

At the moment the US group has not officially confirmed this peculiarity, but users are hopeful. Just a few days ago, the US company reached the milestone of one million bookings.

Cybertruck, incredible autonomy

The news comes from the analysis of a recent patent granted to Tesla, relating to the user interface that the electric pick-up will be equipped with. The images accompanying the recording, designed to show how the Cybertruck software will operate once inside the cockpit, showed a few too many details. Like a residual battery range of 610 miles, even equal to 982 kilometers.

Elon Musk in the past he had already anticipated a great autonomy for his electric pick-up, suggesting routes “over 500 miles“. But the apparently achieved milestone is more than the buyers themselves could have expected.

It is possible that such large and generous batteries are reserved for the more expensive version of Tesla’s Cybertruck, the one equipped with well three electric motors. However, even the standard editions should benefit from a good range, almost certainly over 400 miles.

As already mentioned, Elon Musk’s company did not want to comment on the rumors that emerged in recent days, as well as the details that emerged from the circulation of the patent. The electric pick-up will be delivered to the first buyers by the end of the year, with a distribution that will, however, go live in the first months of 2022. price lists depart from 39,000 dollars for the single-engine version, to exceed 70,000 for the three-engine and full optional edition of the vehicle.

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