Tel Aviv Tribunal rejects Peleg appeal but Eitan does not take part

TEL AVIV, 11 NOV – The Tel Aviv district court has rejected the appeal presented by Shmuel Peleg’s lawyers against the first instance sentence in favor of Aya Biran, paternal aunt of the little survivor of the Mottarone tragedy. It is learned from the lawyers of the Biran family. “Eitan Biran – reads the sentence, released by the Biran – was kidnapped from Italy to Israel and must return to his usual place of residence in Italy”. Eitan, however, will not return to Italy for the moment. The sentence of the Tel Aviv district court which rejected the appeal presented by Shmuel Peleg, maternal grandfather of the child, according to what was announced by the lawyers of the Biran family, in fact, suspends its enforceability for seven days in view of a possible appeal to the Supreme Court by the Pelegs. It is the same practice applied after the first instance sentence that proved Aya Biran right. (HANDLE).

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