Tear down walls and bring together what belongs together

It is in the nature of things that worlds first emerge for themselves, before they move towards each other, sniff each other, cooperate and maybe even merge at some point. The crypto world is also on the threshold of becoming part of the payment and banking world. Or is it the other way around? CryptX wants to find answers to these and many other questions on November 18th. There are top-class guests from the payment, banking and crypto world.

The paymentandbanking.com team discovered the topic of crypto and blockchain for themselves quite a while ago. Many of you insiders and experts may say “too late”, but we reply: “But not too late yet!” But why? And why us?

The answer is basically very simple: it is time to tear down the walls between the established payment-and-banking and the crypto world. There is still far too often dogmatic discussions between the representatives of both sides instead of focusing on the needs of the users. Stop it! Very similar processes have already taken place in the payment and banking world.

On November 18th we will discuss in different panels at the CryptX in the old steelworks Fredenhagen in Offenbach. In Alexander Bechtel’s keynote, he initially wants to bring “Light into the blockchain darkness”. Katharina Gehra from Immutable Insight also claims in her keynote that “ESG & Blockchain are setting new standards”. Top-class discussion participants from, among others, KfW, Solarisbank, Mastercard or many companies from the Space will speak in various themed rounds about DLT, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The evening ends with the annual “Fintech of the Year” award.

New technologies are fundamentally driving change

When we started with paymentandbanking.com at the time, for example, the banking and payment worlds stood side by side and were promoted separately. Today, more than ten years later, various trends, techniques and regulatory adjustments such as psd2 have contributed to a fundamental change: Both worlds have long been closely linked and trends such as “Buy now, pay later” or “Request to pay” show it currently very strong.

The walls between fintech and banks were similarly high. Here, too, it was clear that things would be much better together in many areas. Of course, the cake can often only be distributed once, but often you can conjure up the better cake for the customer with better, new ingredients.

So why now also crypto? I expect a similar development in the coming months from the payment and banking and crypto worlds. I am convinced that both worlds benefit greatly from one another and can also learn from one another. The prerequisite is that the actors listen to each other and discuss instead of ignoring each other.

It is time for crypto to step out of the niche of the knowledgeable and the otherness and to find its way into the mainstream of customers. The established and the established can certainly help. Crypto has to take place where the customers are – the other way around, i.e. the customer is looking for crypto, works at the beginning, but is not sufficient for real scaling.

So let’s tear down the walls together and make crypto part of payment and banking, or vice versa, payment and banking part of crypto. I don’t care how around!

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