Taylor Swift spoke about her friendship with Ed Sheeran, explaining that it never changed

Taylor Swift And Ed Sheeran became BFF in 2012 and, fast forward to today, their relationship hasn’t changed one iota!

The singer of “All Too Well“while presenting the short film of the new 10-minute version of the song, explaining that even if things change and we grow,” friendship “it always remains the same“.

We go out together all the timeor – Tay Tay told a Entertainment Tonight – The great thing is watching him as an artist and as a person. We have both gone through changes but it always remains the same between us“.

It’s one of those friendships where friendship doesn’t move, even if life moves. He is a wonderful, wonderful friend. There is always when I need to talk“.

Taylor Swift added that they help each other out when it comes to the difficulties in their job: “It’s nice to have someone who has the same kind of stress and the same challenges in life. I love him“.

Ed Sheeran also recently talked about his friendship with Taylor Swift on the red carpet of the MTV EMA 2021: She is really, really a good friend of mine. I’ve known her for about ten years and it’s nice to know that I have someone in the music industry going through more or less the same kinds of things. We are the same age, we both write songs from the heart and yes it’s a pleasure to meet her“.

He was then asked to comment on rumors that his friend and colleague may appear in a remix of “The Joker And The Queen“:”You know what? It’s nice to have surprises in life“replied the artist with a smile. You just have to wait and see!

Meanwhile, we remind you that Ed Sheeran has been elected Best Artist and his “Bad HabitsBest Song at the MTV EMA 2021! Go here for all days and times of the show reruns.

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