“Taxi drivers of the night” is the new single from Mobrici

He’s out “Night taxi drivers”, new song signed Mobrici which anticipates his first solo album “Even monkeys fall from trees” arriving on November 19.

The singer-songwriter explained how the single was born with these words:

“Many times I write songs by pure chance. If I hadn’t done that thing, if I hadn’t gone to that place at that time I would never have written it. This is an aspect that drives me to love and hate madly that. What do I do. Night taxi drivers thus was born, at 4 in the morning, in a taxi that takes me home from the dock, about 20 minutes by road. I often get into night taxis, driven by mythological figures who in a sense save your life. They are great observers, they have some crazy stories and sometimes you can see loneliness in their eyes from the mirrors. During that journey I wrote all the text on the phone, and as soon as I got home, I sat down at the piano and at dawn it was ready. I’m a little cooked but almost happy. “

This, however, the tracklist of “Even monkeys fall from trees”:

Channel 5
Poor Heart – feat. Brunori Sas
Anna Wonder
20 100
A kiss
Descends – feat. Gazelles
The end
Friends Like this
Night taxi drivers

Click here to find out why Mobrici chose to name the disc like this!

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