Tax Authorities: War, action is needed to ‘fix’ patent boxes

ROME, NOV 15 – Corrections could arrive at the patent box, after the revision of the incentive mechanism included in the tax decree. This was stated by the undersecretary for the economy, Maria Cecilia Guerra, speaking to the videoforum of ItaliaOggi ‘The construction site of the reforms of the Draghi government’. “As far as the patent box is concerned – he said – there is certainly a need for intervention to better arrange the formulation of the standard on which some technical drawbacks have been found”. The law of the decree, with which the tax deduction on income was transformed into a cost deduction, incompatible with the tax credit for research and development, was harshly criticized by the business world, in particular by the president of Confindustria, Carlo Bonomi. (HANDLE).


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